Environmental Think Tank Details ‘Impact Pathway’ That’s Largely Absent in Fracking Health Research

Environmental think tank Resources for the Future (RFF) recently released six issues briefs on hydraulic fracturing that summarize RFF Senior Research Associate Daniel Raimi’s book “The Fracking Debate.” These briefs tackle a wide range of topics, including climate change, health, earthquakes, water quality, local governments and the economy. Notably, the …
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Familiar Flaws Invalidate Research Team’s Latest Attempt to Link Fracking to Health Issues

A new study released Tuesday purports to find “the first evidence that chemicals found in ground water near fracking sites can impair the immune system.” Importantly, the report’s alarmist topline finding is not based on water samples taken near fracking sites or fracking fluid itself. Instead, it’s based on the evaluation of baby mice whose mothers were continuously exposed to a concoction of 23 “fracking chemicals” at extremely high concentrations during pregnancy.
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Calling out the McKenzie Media Playbook

Give credit where credit is due — University of Colorado Public Health professor Lisa McKenzie must be moonlighting as a public relations professor/professional given that she sure knows how to work the earned media front, releasing reports that achieve one scary, fear-mongering headline after the other. In fact, we’ve seen …
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Fracking and Health: Headlines vs. Reality