Mount Pleasant Zoning Board Finds Activists’ Testimony “Equivocal,” “Not Credible”

The Zoning Hearing Board of Mount Pleasant Township in Washington County, Pennsylvania recently dealt a major blow to the research of a few prominent activists, notably Seth Shonkoff, the executive director of Physicians Scientists & Engineers for Healthy Energy (PSEHE) (a group that has manufactured and pushed a number of studies …
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Anti-Fracking Donor Memo Mapped Out Strategy to Attack Oil and Gas with Questionable Health Claims

A strategy memo from 2012 encouraged anti-fracking groups to make connections between health problems and fracking, even when no evidence existed to support the linkage. The goal of the plan, which included leveraging the power of the media and a focus on young children, was to undermine support for oil …
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Compendium of Studies Demonstrating the Safety and Health Benefits of Fracking

The United States has made massive improvements in air quality over the past decade and study after study has shown that the increased use of natural gas for electricity generation – made possible by the shale revolution – is the reason we’ve achieved this feat.
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Fracking and Health: Headlines vs. Reality